Fingerprint Glass Door Lock Movo K108

Movo K108 is a multi-identification scan access control such as Fingerprint, RFID and PIN, which is used on non frame glass doors (frameless glass). It has a semiconductor fingerprint sensor with touch keypad and has an emergency power function.
Description Specifications
Movotek fingerprint glass door lock Movo K108 is a tool used as door access control. Users easily operate the door through this tool. Access to room arrangements are arranged in an easy, safe and sophisticated way. With fingerprint, PIN and RFID (Card), the door will automatically open. Only special people can reach this space with access control. Access control Movo K108 can be used on glass doors without frames (frameless glass).


Main features

1. The key is always carried

If you often lose keys, or even often get left behind, access to this door control seems right to choose. Because the door opening process is done through fingerprint, card and password access. Then it is certain, you as the owner of the room access rights will never leave the key.

2. Clear access rights

Having a room that is only accessed by certain people, certainly makes you more secure and comfortable. This access control regulates who can enter the room. So only registered people can access the room with this access control.

3. Can be installed alone

Installing door access control is not complicated. With this smart digital lock , you can install it yourself on the door. Without the help of a door repairman in installation. It's easy, just need to hook the screw in the door.

4. Without changing the door handle

If the door to your room already has a door handle , there is no need to bother to remove it. Because this tool is additional (add-on). So that it can be installed directly without changing the handle.

5. Does not require special expertise

Most people are reluctant to use door access control because it requires special expertise in installation. Namely, need those who are experts in carpentry, electronics and electricity. Wow, it must be very troublesome. In general, they are required when installing this tool for the measurement of the right door, cabling (wiring) complex to the calculation of energy consumption (power) is right. But forget it all if you use this fingerprint glass lock. Without them, you can install this door access control yourself.

6. Flexible door models

Some types of door access control products are only used for doors that open from the right and left direction only. So, fingerprint glass lock is more flexible. This tool can be used for doors that open from the right and left as well. Because there are special parts that can be arranged for this door model.

7. Semiconductor fingerprint sensor

This type of fingerprint sensor is easier to use. Where you can do a 360 degree scan . When sticking fingers, the location does not have to be symmetrical or straight. You can scan from various directions. In addition, it is not affected by light like optical sensor types.

8. The inherent identification of each user

This tool is equipped with 3 types of identification, namely fingerprints as the main identification type, cards and passwords that are a backup when there is a problem with your finger. These three types of identification are automatically attached to each user. So, each user has a key. Some types of door access control use global passwords that are used by all users.

9. Tested durability

This tool uses a motor to move the lock slot on the door. However, don't worry about its durability. This component has been tested 400 thousand times, and is still in good condition.

10. User friendly menu

In general, users have to memorize complicated code lines on door access control. Imagine, if you have to delete people who don't have access rights, but you don't remember the code. It will definitely reduce your sense of security and comfort, right? This does not apply to Fingerspot smart digital lock. As a result, operational access control has become easier. Because it uses an easy to use menu ( user friendly ) on the color screen display.

11. Experience mode

You can use this mode to try and know the function and state of the device before making a purchase.

12. Normal open mode

If at any time you need to open a door / access for everyone, then you can use this tool. This access control has a normal open mode function that can be activated. So everyone can have access rights. Then, this function can be deactivated again and access rights become limited again.

13. Data stored

You need to know, that not all types of access control store data. So, it will be difficult when you need to check data access. Or if you buy more than one device and don't want to register one person over and over again, then this tool is the right tool. Because, all data is stored and can be duplicated to other tools. So this fingerprint glass lock can store data, pull data up to duplicate data.

14. Auto replace data

What if the data is full? Can the door still be opened? Relax, this tool has an auto replace feature . If the data is full, the old data will be automatically overwritten. So you can still open the door as usual.

15. Clear access report

This tool provides reports in the form of Ms. files. Excel with an easy to understand format. So you can find out, anyone who is registered has access rights.

16. Long-lasting battery

You do not need to worry about the battery needs of this tool. The ability to survive the battery, on average between 4 to 6 months. You only need to use 4 Alkaline batteries, of course it is more practical without an adapter. Age of battery usage, still depends on the intensity of use and quality of the battery.

17. Notification when the battery will run out

When using this access control, you don't need to worry about running out of battery suddenly. Because, this tool is set to provide notifications when the battery will run out. No need to panic to immediately replace the battery, because you still have the opportunity to access as much as 60 times when the notification is delivered.

18. Emergency power facilities

What if you do not have time to replace a drained battery, and finally this tool is really dead? The gravity again, you are outside the room and can not access. When using access controls for several other types, you might experience difficulties and take a long time to enter the room. But if you use this smart digital lock, you will remain calm. You can use the power bank as an emergency power. What if there is no power bank?  Take it easy. You can still open the door with a Mobile adapter to supply power to this device.

19. Set the time

This tool has the 'Adjust Time' featureYou can adjust the time on the device, including speeding up or slowing down time from the real time (real time clock).

• Use for non-frame glass doors (frameless glass)
• 1,000 Fingerprint templates
• Semiconductor Sensor
• 1.8 Inch LCD
• Touch keypad
• USB Flashdisk Support
• Verify Mode: Fingerprint / RFID / PIN
• Emergency Power

• 4 x AA Alkaline batteries 1.5 V